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Recent Programs
Oct 20th, 2021
Webmisi.net Waiting

10% -13% per week - 3-5 weeks, 1.3% -1.8% per day for 20-35 days (the deposit is returned at the end of the term), 3.8% per day for 40 days (the deposit is included in payments)

Pelinox.com Waiting

2.8% DAILY FOR 60 DAYS, 3.8% DAILY FOR 50 DAYS, 4.8% DAILY FOR 45 DAYS, 1000% After 15 DAYS

Naira Waiting

0,5% - 4% per day

Oct 19th, 2021
Rdecision.me Waiting

0.2% - 0.42% daily for 30 - 360 days

Robotin Waiting

5% Daily for 50 Days; 6% Daily for 60 Day; 7% Daily for 70 Days (Principal back at any time with 10% fees)

Varival Waiting

20% hourly forever, 50% hourly for 10 hours, 1500% AFTER 1 DAY

Quantar.ai Waiting

102% After 1 day, principal included
107% After 3 days, principal included
112% After 5 days, principal included

Jomabit.com Paying

5% - 7% - 9% DAILY FOR 20 DAYS

Oct 18th, 2021
Lilpart Ltd Paying

7-13% daily 30 days

Asiatoken.org Waiting

102% after 5 days

Evolvebet Waiting

- 1.6% every day (288% for 180 days principal included)
Min. deposit: 50 USDT,
21% every 7 days ( 126% for 42 days principal included)
Min. deposit: 300 USDT

Oct 17th, 2021
Cirrina.work Waiting

108% in 24 hours (4.50% per hour), 112% in 24 hours (4.66% per hour)

Oct 16th, 2021
After1hour Waiting

101,1% - 150% after 1 hour

livdatcoin.com Paying

Daily 1% upto 300 days , 140 % after 8 week ,
Stable profit upto 400%

Oct 15th, 2021
Gre Bank Waiting


Stronghold Waiting

0.7% daily for 3 days, 0.9% daily for 7 days, 1.1% daily for 11 days, 1.5% daily for 15 days, 2% daily for 30 days

Oct 14th, 2021
Bezal Waiting

2.6% - 2.9% - 3.2% daily for 50 Days, 3.5% - 3.8% - 4.1% daily for 80 Days

Tecdub Waiting

11.00 % Hourly Forever, 27.00 % Hourly For 10 Hours, 1200.00 %
After 1 Day, 4800.00 % After 2 Days

Quintanait Ltd Waiting

9.5% daily Forever

Lordmining.com Waiting

4.44% - 5.17% Daily For 30 Days (Welcome Bonus 10$)

Quatera.tech Waiting

1.3% - 2.3% daily for 30 working days (deposit returned), 2.2% - 2.4% daily for ...

Boxify.cc Waiting

1% daily for 30 days (deposit returned), 145% after 30 days

Profit Invest Limited Waiting

0.7% - 1% - 1.3% daily for 30 Days (Principal Return)

Oct 13th, 2021
Duopro.io Waiting

4% Daily for 50 Days, 5% Daily for 40 Days

Redpro Limited Waiting

10.1% Hourly For 10 Hours, 15% Hourly For 10 Hours, 20% Hourly For 10 Hours, and More!

Raffy.ai Limited Paying

5% daily for 31 Days (Principal back available after 1 days with 20% fee and after 20 days with 10% fee but before 25 days); 6% daily for 40 Days (principal back); 10% daily for 50 Days

Rsgroup.global Waiting

2.6% daily for 15 days (deposit returned), 3.2% daily for 30 days (deposit returned)

Cryptorocket Waiting

1.7% - 4% daily for 15 - 30 days

Gasilo Waiting

5% (0.21 per Hour) daily, 7% (0.29 per Hour) daily, 9% (0.38 per Hour) daily, 11%(0.46 per Hour) daily for 40 Days

Mydefiprofits.com Waiting

1% on daily basis, 155% roi in 155 days

Oct 12th, 2021
Arbixa Waiting

11-23% daily or 125% after 5 days!


110% after 24 hours, 135% after 3days, 160% after 6 days, 200% after 12days, 10% daily for 20days

Investoptions.net Waiting

13.00% for 15 hours - 18.00% after 1 days - 45.00% after 3 days - 200.00% after 5 days Principal Included

Maxbanker.net Waiting

0.10% daily forever (principal withdraw available immediately with 5% fee or wit...

Avalanche.bz Waiting

101% after 12 hours, 102.5% after 1 day, 109% after 3 days

zetbull.com Waiting

2.1% daily for 20 days; 2.5% daily for 35 days; 3.5% daily for 55 days; 650% after 35 days; 1500% after 55 days; 3000% after 70 days

Brightrightinvestments Waiting

1.5% of profit for 10 days, 0.07% of profit hourly for 30 days (150.4%), 2.2% of profit daily for 25 days (155%), 2.5% of profit daily for 60 days (250%)

Oct 11th, 2021
Getbit.one Waiting

110 - 122% in 24 hours. Accruals are hourly. 130% in 24 hours. One charge at the end.200% in 3 days. One charge at the end. 400% in 5 days. One charge at the end.

Coinconnect Waiting

0.15% Hourly Forever 3.6% DAILY PROFIT
Principal Back after 24 hours with 5% Release Fee

Tradeoo Ltd Not Paying

1.43% - 3.1% hourly for 72 Hours; 2.2% - 4.2% hourly for 48 Hours, 5% - 7% hourly for 24 Hours

Oct 9th, 2021
Cryptoparadise.online Waiting

1% daily for 150 business days, 102% - 650% after 7 - 180 business days

Trend-broker.com Waiting

1.3%-3% Daily For 7 Days - 42Days, from 82% up to 213% after upto 72 Hours.

Highrealprofit.live Not Paying


Oct 8th, 2021
Cmi Crypto Mining Waiting

2.00%-2.70% Daily for 100 days,
4.00%-4.60% Daily for 40 days,
18.00%-21.00% Daily for 7 days,
45.00%-49.30% Daily for 3 days..

Oct 7th, 2021

0.1% hourly for 96 hours, 0.3% hourly for 48 hours, 0.5% hourly for 24 hours, 10% after 1 day

x100.fund Waiting

1% - 1.8 daily for 15 Business Days (Principal Return) ; 150% - 250% after 25 Business Days , 450% - 650% after 45 Business Days

Oct 6th, 2021
Velestrade Waiting

4% Daily For 35 Days, 5% Daily For 28 Days, 7% Daily For 28 Days, Principal : Included

Oct 5th, 2021
Mega-profit.fun Not Paying

200% for 48 hours. Accruals: 100% every 24 hours.

Payment Systems
PerfectMoney Payeer Bitcoin SolidTrustPay Payza Neteller ADVCash
Qiwi OKPay Skrill PayPal
BANKWIRE Litecoin HD-Money nixpay
EThereumClassic Nem WebMoney ASMoney
ethereum dash Pecunix epay
ethereum ethereum ethereum ethereum
Status: PAYING
Last Payout: Oct 19th, 2021
Our Investment: $100.00
Payout Ratio: 15% in profit
User's Rating: 10.0 / 16 votes
Min: $$10 Lifetime: 57 days
Withdraw: Instant Monitored: 57 days
Ref: 1% - 30% (depends on ref. deposit amount) ISP AllMon.biz Detailed analysis and reviews HYIP project DIGICOIN LIMITED
PerfectMoneyBitcoinPAYEER Support E-Mail SSL DDOS
Investment Plan Up to 10% Daily For 3 DAYS, Up to 15% Daily For 5 DAYS, Up to 20% Daily For 10 DAYS, Up to 30% Daily For 20 DAYS (Principal Deposit Returns After 20 Days)

DigiCoin Limited Platform is fully automated, the website uses a secure control panel, and our security experts monitor your accounts 24 hours a day. Our specialists are very efficient and are the best in the world in their field of work, and they solve any problem that arises quickly. We are a completely customer-oriented company and we always make sure that our valued customers get the best profit from their investment, so this is very important for us and our customer satisfaction rate is 100%. Our experts have designed a platform through which trading has become much easier, especially for those who are less trained in this market. This platform of ours is working privately to determine its return in one year, and by investing in our platform, you will receive both daily profit and help to improve our platform.Digicoin Ltd is the trading platform in the blockchain that will finally allow traders to have one single point of control for all their investments, from crypto to the traditional market. Our mission is to offer traders a secure 360° trading experience allowing them to monitor all their portfolios, trade with advanced tools, invest in carefully selected trading strategies (bots, copy trading, signals), or improve their knowledge by following quality trading courses.In a bid to cater to the ever-growing demand for a unified crypto trading solution, we created DigiCoin a platform that provides users with solutions to virtually all crypto trading and blockchain-related problems. Unlike the trading platforms itself that offer minimal tools, DigiCoin is a diversified and highly advanced platform, for trading tools, that can be linked to all the major exchanges. We have four investment plans and you can choose an investment plan and create a deposit with suitable conditions. Super Fast and Comfy Frontend; it’s hard to describe how fast and smooth DigiCoin site is. It combines static-site generation and intelligent page rendering to selectively preload only the content that matters - give you a blazing fast platform that feels incredibly smooth. When you join DigiCoin, you become part of our company, where you can start making a profit without any deposit from us, which is a very attractive and great opportunity for you, without any capital and only by providing your own special link. You will receive up to five profit steps to the investors and their registration through the dedicated link. You can make a profit of 1-30% for the investors you refer. DIGICOIN LIMITED intends to stay on the cryptocurrency markets for as long as possible. Our company offers long-term investment for customers around the world. In order to acquaint people in detail with the investment conditions, as well as to help earn for our customers, we offer a three-level partnership program for all visitors. This is an excellent opportunity to generate additional revenue by attracting new investors and private capital.Here in DIGICOIN LIMITED, we are offering unique affiliate platform where you can join as an affiliate simply by registering in our website and there is no need to have active deposit. By refering investors you can earn1% from your 1st level investors and 30% from 5nd level investors.Becoming a DIGICOIN LIMITED partner is very easy. Each registered user receives a unique partnership link, which is available in the account. You can share this link with people you know personally - with your friends, colleagues and relatives - or use it as a signature at forums. You can also use advertising banners that contain a referral link and are located in your account. After clicking on this link and registering the account, the new website user automatically becomes your referral. You can check the total number of your referrals in the “Affiliate Program” section of your account.Your commission is accrued immediately after your referral starts investing. This means that from the amount of each deposits you will receive a 1-30% reward.

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